“Tactile” Review by Bio Ritmo

Attention to this quintet, young people wanting to continue defending the good twisted and with many things to say from jazz composition, not from fads or from the dismembered mergers. The fact of having Marc Ayza on drums and Roger Mas on piano and shows that Vila is attentive to what happens in the Catalan music scene, two essential for their commitment to the future of jazz men, besides the pianist mixed with Fender hit with acoustic piano, bass Marko Lohikari in giving more security if it fits to the essential rhythm section in the project. In the second topic, Now an entire space where the basic trio shows excellent is created, Ayza marks a pace that would recognize under water as you can, guitar Vila adds to the trip, near Pat Metheny with everything which it means positive, but with the imagination that brings touch with yours. Leviathan is a matter of 12 minutes, do not panic, tenor saxophonist Santi de la Rubia (another young musician should know) you start the way to this delightful trip, Vila takes the helm and complex phrases and structures that demonstrate many hours of study proves its worth. Halfway theme changes guitar and an acoustic solo locks himself in his thinking, he will soon come near De la Rubia and gradually all the quintet. Care Blue piano Mas, try to follow De la Rubia and Ayza in that frenzy of Perception, turn to I be hung for 13 minutes with guitar changes Vila in Signs or as close the theme the whole group, excellent. And it ends with Transgenic, this may be the issue that most justifies the presence of Ayza, or at least one server will reminiscent ideas drummer Grace.