01 May 2008

Review “Foreground Music” by Tomajazz

Ten compositions make up the new album of Albert Vila. Ten themes that compares favorably with the album title, putting the guitarist´s quintet at the forefront of contemporary Spanish Jazz.

A strong album, thanks to flexible arrangements where the five musicians move relatively freely , and the quality of the recording, which allows us to appreciate the powerful Tom Warburton and the active Marc Ayza, drummer whose accompaniments and interventions in Foreground Music will leave a few people indifferent.

In this context, the sound deep and clear in tenor of Enrique Oliver operates perfectly, wrapped in melodic lines by the leader, released of harmonic task, undertaken by Roger Mas with authority.

The album contains moments of brilliance, with different geographical influences and varied  metrics, without departing from jazz sphere. Medium tempo themes such as “The Bean” or modal “Fruit Music”stand out, ending in a real release of tension, stress that peaks in “Old Boy”, one of the most interesting themes of the disc.

An album that breathes eclecticism, thanks to the compositional range of the leader, and with abundant touches of quality that do more than recommend their attentive listening.

Víctor Bobeche