05 July 2016

Blue Sounds | The Unquiet Sky review compilation

Take a look at this review compliation on my recent album “The Unquiet Sky”. You’ll find reviews from thejazzbreakfast.com, jazzguitarsociety.com, allaboutjazz.com and JazzWise. http://www.freshsoundrecords.com/albert-vila/6399-the-unquiet-sky.html
21 February 2013

Review “Standards” by All About Jazz

ALL ABOUT JAZZ REVIEW February 21, 2013 DAN BILAWSKY Just because a record doesn’t have many surprises doesn’t mean it must be predictable or prosaic, a line of thinking for... Read More
01 March 2012

Tomajazz Review “Tactile”

The fact that all compositions are work of Albert Tactile Vila gives to this work an intrinsic value worthy of appreciation. Albert Vila has created a simple and affordable disk... Read More
07 September 2011

Review “Tactile” by Distrito Jazz

Distrito jazz review    15 sept 2011 The second album of the guitarist Albert Vila Barcelona is entitled Tactile (Fresh Sound New Talent) and includes seven songs all written by the... Read More
29 July 2011

Review “Tactile” by All About Jazz

ALL  ABOUT JAZZ REVIEW      July 29 2011    Dan Bilawsky Barcelona-based guitarist Albert Vila doesn’t buy into the idea of generic compositions that go down easy, but result in a hunger... Read More
01 May 2008

Review “Foreground Music” by Tomajazz

Ten compositions make up the new album of Albert Vila. Ten themes that compares favorably with the album title, putting the guitarist´s quintet at the forefront of contemporary Spanish Jazz.... Read More