01 March 2012

Tomajazz Review “Tactile”

The fact that all compositions are work of Albert Tactile Vila gives to this work an intrinsic value worthy of appreciation. Albert Vila has created a simple and affordable disk and thereby from quality, uniform and smoothly, scoring at a good level and allowing interaction with his musicians, especially saxophonist Santi de la Rubia. Neo-Bop from the perspective of elegance, the taste for exquisite arrangements and instrumentation of all components. Albert Vila can not and should deny influences such as Pat Metheny and other classical guitarists like Tal Farlow can be or Wes Montgomery. His way of swinguear makes him a modern classic, a musician of his time who does not forget the roots but looking to the future without fear.

Pieces such as “Leviathan” or “Signs” elevate the creative category of Tactile. In the first, the idea of “breaking” the issue in half seems original and daring. The use of acoustic guitar catches the attention and remember even from afar to guitarists like Michael Hedges with a metallic sound really warm and inviting. In the second, acoustic guitar again but this time by way of introduction with the same parameters as it did in “Leviathan.” Deliberate and thoughtful touch that puts the “carpet” to the other members. Fine and velvety ballad that blends with the piano background of Roger Mas. With”Transgenic” ends the album and it does with Fender Rhodes groove sound where Roger Mas Cup centers stage together with the electric guitar of Albert Vila and Santi de la Rubia unconditional support on tenor.

Albert Vila and his quintet Tactile complete this brilliant way to serve a fresh new sound and talented.

Enrique Farelo

Review “Tactile” Tomajazz